Top 6 Waterproof Mascaras That You Need to Have in Your Make-up Bag!

Top 6 Waterproof Mascaras That You Need to Have in Your Make-up Bag!

What is that one beauty product you just cannot live without? Is it the foundation? Lipstick? Or a Mascara? This is to let you know that having waterproof mascara should be your top priority of must-have this summer. Why? Because those lashes need to look luscious and voluminous no matter what life throws at you. These top 6 waterproof mascaras would repel everything, tears, sweat and would never allow your perfect mascara to smudge; they are just not created to betray you! Keep reading to find out your perfect mascara match.

1 Lasting Curl Blossom

If you are one of those people that care about the scent of your respective mascara then this water-proof mascara consists of a mild floral scent. This scent also avoids the itchiness within the eyes.

Saving the best for last, it is infused with essential oils and diamond powder that not provides you with a long-lasting, voluminous, juicy mascara coating your eyes but also fortifies your lashes.

2 Great Lash Mascara

The number 2 on our list is mascara recommended by beauty experts. This great lash mascara is, as the name suggests it is the ‘Greatest’ mascara ever invented on the face of this Earth. Apart from providing voluminous lashes that do not smudge whatsoever, it is also highly affordable and wallet-friendly.

3 Le Volume de Channel Mascara

If just ‘one’ stroke and have it all is what you want then you might want to pick this waterproof mascara to fulfil your craving of having colored and long lashes. Consisting of a snowflake brush, this is a mascara that will just not let you down!

4 Voluminous Butterfly Mascara

Waterproof mascara that has been created in order to be loved. This is a mascara that has adapted the shape like that of our lash line, which when applied pumps your corner lashes providing you with edgy lashes.

5 Catch and Curl, Sport Waterproof Mascara

While this article speaks about water-proof mascaras, this is ‘sweat’ proof mascara. For all you female athletes out there, this mascara will survive your sweatiest workout class. Moreover, its triple coating ability allows the mascara to rest smoothly on your eyes without any fear of smudgy, dark eyes. #MorePowerToYou

6 Full Lash Multi-dimension Mascara

Unique mascara equipped with a flat revolving brush that is trained to provide you with thick, juicy eyelashes. It rotates at whatever angle you like it to move towards.

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