Thayer – Witch Hazel Toner-Rose Petal Alc.Fr, 12 fl oz liquid

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Thayer’s rose petal alcohol-free witch hazel with aloe vera formula toner will make your skin bloom
Rose Thayer’s remarkably soothing toner is made with rose-petal water, vitamin e and our proprietary witch hazel extract
Made in united states

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Who loves a dry skin with out and vulnerable pore appearance after a harsh skin cleansing process? Wonder what it’d be like to experience a completely opposite and luxurious one? Use astounding Thayer’s rose petal witch hazel alcohol-free toner to experience ultimate results and ravishing skin.

This Thayer’s witch hazel alcohol-free toner has been formulated with the most replenishing ingredients including rose petal water, Vitamin e, organic Aloe Vera gel along with Thayer’s original and proprietary witch hazel extract that will leave your skin completely revitalized, smooth and flawless,

Thayer witch hazel toner has is an un-distilled cleansing and moisturizing liquid that specializes in hydrating your skin by locking in the moisture while shrinking and decreasing the appearance of your skin pores to prevent any environmental pollution damage. Moreover, this Thayer’s toner features completely gentle and restoring cleansing process which will delight your skin with an exceptional glow and get rid of all impurities, product residues and excess oils from your skin.

Thayer’s rose petal witch hazel toner attributes alcohol-free, paraben-free and propylene glycol free features which makes it a perfect natural approach to skin cleansing and moisturizing. It is also delighted with luxurious and soft rose fragrance which will leave you mesmerized and wowed.

Thayer’s rose petal witch hazel alcohol-free toner takes the responsibility of bunch of functions to replenish your skins glam and feel by cleansing, moisturizing, toning and hydrating your skin all at once. This gentle process ensures beautiful toning of your skin, by Thayer’s toner, balancing the PH level of the skin while cleansing it.


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