StriVectin Advanced Glow Tri-Phase Daily Glow Toner




Get triple the action for the glowing complexion you deserve with StriVectin Tri-Phase Daily Glow Toner. This 3-in-1 toner for daily use features a blend of acids and nourishing botanicals to transform skin. Shake it up to combine the three phases that will smooth, hydrate, and brighten your skin with an inner, youthful glow. Every use strengthens and improves skin to make it healthier and radiant all on its own . Benefits: Unique tri-phase formula Smooths, softens, and replenishes instantly for supple skin Brightens and restores Hydrates and balances for glowing appearance Clinically-proven formula for instant results [ 5 fl oz ] StriVectin skincare is a clinically-proven, scientific line providing solutions for women & men’s aging skin. Shop StriVectin products at Authorized StriVectin Resellers – 100% Authenticity Guaranteed


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