Muslin Burp Cloths 4 Pack Large 20″ by 10″ 100% Cotton 6 Layers Extra Absorbent and Soft

$10.97 (as of September 24, 2018, 3:57 pm)

Super soft, Our muslin burp cloths is made of first class cotton, super soft, very comfortable to touch, like touching the cakes
Absorbent, our burp cloths is really absorbent, it can absorb liquid in seconds
Quick dry, the muslin burp cloths is quick dry, 50% quicker than normal cloths



Its only natural that babies will burp liquids, milk or food that they have eaten. The happening can be concerning in itself, yet the thought of setting up careful laundry to clean it is another drag. But now you don’t have to worry because we bring you an effective and astounding offering of Muslin burp cloths which will take care of your babies’ burping like a charm.

These Muslin burp cloths are made from finest cotton fabric that feels lavishly sleek against the skin and is highly soft and comfortable. These Muslin burp cloths are amazingly absorbent and will immediately soak in any liquid that comes in contact with it. Just as its high absorbent feature, it also dries out 50% more quickly than normal clothes.

These baby muslin burp cloths feature extremely light weight and can be snuck easily in your travels due to its travel friendly attribute.They are especially designed with folded cloth pattern which lets high ventilation of air therefore, is resistant to bacteria and amazingly healthy for baby’s delicate skin.

Moreover, these Burp Muslin cloths entail easy washing which can be accomplished by gentle hand wash or machine wash which will safely wash the cloth without changing the delicacy or softness of the cloth.

Buy this amazing, soft, top quality and smooth Muslin burp cloths that are extremely safe and baby skin friendly and will gently clean, the next time your baby burps and let you experience the touch of ease and comfort.


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