Munchkin 6 Piece Lift Infant Spoons

$5.99 (as of October 13, 2018, 6:21 pm)

Spoon tip doesn’t touch table or countertop when set down
Soft plastic is gentle on baby’s face and gums
Includes 6 spoons with fun translucent colors



Are you looking for new cute and adorable cutlery for your little one which will completely gratify your baby’s tummy needs while ensuring the best of their fulfillment and comfort? Well Munchkin offers its astounding offering of Munchkin 6 piece lift infant spoons that will serve these needs of yours.


These Munchkin 6 piece lift infant spoons have been made from the safest plastic material which attributes BPA free properties to ensure the best of your baby’s health. These Munchkin6 piece lift infant spoons have been delighted with bright colors to enchant your baby to satisfy their mealy needs in an enjoyable manner.

Featuring ergonomic design and style, these Munchkin 6 piece lift infant spoons possess an easy grip, which is easier for your child to hold on, while the soft and smooth tips do no harm to your child’s oral health by keeping gentle on their delicate gums.

Moreover, for aiding you as a mom, these Munchkin 6 piece lift infant spoons have been made extremely light weight therefore can be easily carried onto your important travels to satisfy your baby’s feeding needs during it. It further entails easy washing which can be accomplished by either hand or through dishwasher as per your desire.

Buy these functional and affordable Munchkin lift infant spoons, that will never let your baby’s have an unfulfilling meal and will last you up to 4 months while letting you and your baby experience the best comfort.


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