Hunputa Baby Winter Warm Hat, Infant Toddler Kids Beanie Knit Cap

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Kids Winter Pom Hat:,suitable for 0-5 Years-Old Kids
Knit part is 100% SOFT acrylic,pom pom is high quality faux raccoon fur
Covers baby ears comfortably



Every season requires new clothes for our constantly growing and delicate babies. Especially winter require extra consciousness to avoid any illness since everyone is more prone to catch a cold or illness in this season. To protect your babies from the cold breeze and windy atmosphere, Hunputa brings you its superior quality Hunputa baby hat winter which will secure your child from the coldness of winters.

This astounding Hunputa baby hat winter features beanie and ski style of fashion and has been made with the most comfortable material which will ensure the utmost comfort and convenience of the baby by enchanting him/her with its smooth, soft and sleek feel. Hunputa baby hat follows a highly professional and strong knit which feature adorable design, perfect to enhance the adorableness of your precious little one while saving him/her effectively from the wind.

Moreover, this Hunputa baby hat winter sits comfortably on babies head and feels absolutely comfy on the years without pressing them and letting them breath due to its high breath-ability feature without compromising its effective cold protection.

To increase the appeal and catch of this baby hat, it has been festooned with adorable pom poms attached at the top to add cute touch to it, which have been made from faux and smooth raccoon hair.

A cute, adorable and high performance Hunputa baby hat winter which is a complete delight to the winter accessory collection of your baby to save him from the wind of winter with utmost comfort. A must have!


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