Bioelements Quick Refiner For Eyes




Revitalize your eyes with a spa-like experience at home using Bioelements Quick Refiner For Eyes. This wrinkle-reducing formula, made with gentle AHA and lactic acid, helps gently exfoliate the tender under-eye area with proven results. It works quickly as the active ingredients diminish lines and revitalize fatigued eyes for a gloriously improved appearance. Cell turnover speeds up leaving behind brightness while infusing the skin with intensive hydration. Strong enough to make a difference yet gentle enough for this delicate portion of your skin, you’ll see the world through new eyes. Benefits: Gently exfoliates under-eye area without abrasion Diminishes lines and brightens Clinically proven Speeds up cell turnover Delivers intensive moisturization to delicate skin under eyes [ 1 fl oz [ Cosmetic chemists & advanced estheticians guarantee the most effective ingredients in Bioelements products at Authorized Bioelements Resellers – 100% Authenticity Guaranteed


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