Bioelements Plump Start




Plump things up with the power of plum and Bioelements Plump Start. This antioxidant-rich formula is created with plum concentrate for an instantly fuller and plumper appearance. Skin is nourished and smooth, for a gloriously youthful look. With intelligent hydration that penetrates where your skin needs it most, skin improves drastically, particularly in areas where wrinkles and crevices are found. The result is skin that looks vibrant, rich, young, and carefree. Benefits: Instantly improves skin plumpness Nourishes with powerful antioxidants Intelligent hydration penetrates where skin needs it Smooths away lines and wrinkles For all skin types [ 2 oz ] Cosmetic chemists & advanced estheticians guarantee the most effective ingredients in Bioelements products at Authorized Bioelements Resellers – 100% Authenticity Guaranteed


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