Baby Gender Reveal Pink and Blue Color (2 Pink and 2 Blue)

$18.85 (as of September 24, 2018, 2:03 pm)

You receive FOUR (4) Sticks – 2 Pink and 2 Blue
Each stick runs for approximately 60 seconds providing plenty of time for photos and celebration
This is a limited edition model manufactured by TNT exclusively for distribution and sale by RSS!



The happiest time of our life as parents is news of a beautiful little one coming our way. No matter how hard the pregnancy is going or what the future will entail, we despite not knowing the hardships to come, sink into our emotions and all we can think of, is that we are going to have a precious little baby. Once our pregnancy is confirmed we wait to learn the gender of the baby, not that it matters, really, as long as the baby is healthy and happy, but surely it is a very exciting time in our maternity journey. TNT realizing the joy of these happy moments offers its unique and interesting offering of Baby Gender Reveal Pink and Blue Color to delight the breaking of this precious news, in a creative and beautiful way.

This Baby Gender Reveal Pink and Blue Color is a product that can be installed any where in the house, where the celebrations are to be held, be it garden, park, lounge or any other place. These Baby Gender Reveal Pink and Blue Color diffuse either pink or blue smoke into the air which is completely safe to the health of people gathered for celebrations. This baby gender reveal colors last 60 seconds, providing you enough time for your precious clicks and photos.

After blind folding the parents setting up these baby gender reveal blue and pink smoke bombs as desired, the blind folds are removed to reveal the gender of the baby by dispersing either of the colors.


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